This flexible process allows us to produce more involved, sophisticated and intricate designs In large quantities, which are of outstanding quality at extremely competitive prices. These panels are usually supplied in high end Metals such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Anodised Aluminium and Copper.


Chemical etching is a process whereby the acid solution is applied and it ‘eats’ away at the panel surface, therefore leaving the etched pattern or design remaining. Ideal for outdoor and indoor settings, chemically etched signs add a touch of quality to your brand.

Similar to etching, photo anodised aluminium signs are superb quality and maintenance free. The process allows for single, multi coloured designs and even photographs being applied to the surface, then sealed in the anodised aluminium sheet. These plates are heat and scratch resistant, making them ideal for any internal or external setting.

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The benefits include:

Quick turnaround

Flexibility of more complex designs

High production volumes

Low cost repeatability

Burr free

Photographic processes

Suitable for harsh environments

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Why Choose Us?

We can chemically etch and photo anodise text, logos and re produce images with the finest detail on to a variety of Metal plates. These plaques are suitable for all environments and are maintenance free.

Almost Any Metal

Ranging from Polished or Satin Stainless Steel, Polished or Satin Brass, various colours of Aluminium and Polished & Satin Copper. 

High Precision Machining

We are able to produce Signs that have very fine and unconventional detail and achieve tight tolerances. 

Cost Effective Production

There is no maximum quantity that chemical etching can produce. Low cost tooling means prototype quantities can be supplied quickly. 

Long Lifespan

Chemically etched and photo anodised panels are suited to all environments.  The plates are heat and scratch resistant and have a life time of up to 30 years. 

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