Engraving is where we started out and remains our core business with stainless steel, brass, aluminium and bronze together with a range of Plastic materials including Traffolyte, Gravoply and Acrylic all materials we specialise in engraving.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to build an excellent reputation of high-end, bespoke engraved products. Our product quality, speed of service and competitive prices will not be bettered by any of our competitors.

Manual Engraving

We have retained the traditional, non-computerised manual engraving capability as it allows us to take in customers own components which often requires much more controlled engraving.

This versatile and flexible service allows us to cover all engraving applications, such as control panels and door fascia’s, small signs, instrument panels and stamps. We can engrave on to flat surfaces as well as built up and shaped items.

The benefits include:

Deep Engraving

Rout & Machine Holes

Engrave Shaped & Cylindrical Items

Multiple Fonts

Computer Engraving

Utilising the latest technology, our several in-house computer engraving machines are ideal for high quality, quick turn around and cost-effective Signs.

Our Milgrav machines are ideal for engraving Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium because it gives a much sharper cut and a deeper etch. These include company nameplates, directional signs and desk, door and wall signs. We can also cut brass shapes and letters.

Our VX2 IS000 engraving machines are ideal for engraving various plastic materials and acrylics, including electrical labels and valve tags. These machines and our operators can deal with the smallest and simplest of tags to more complicated designs in larger quantities.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to build an exceptional portfolio of bespoke plaques and nameplates – see our product pages and gallery for further examples.

Computer Engraving

The benefits include:

High Versatility

High Production Quantities

Superb Quality

Multiple Engravable Materials

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a manufacturing method using a laser beam to change the surface of a material. This method is permanent and durable and allows us to engrave more intricate designs, in much greater quantities.

Our high-powered lasers make it ideal for us to provide a fast cutting service that provides the longest laser lifetime available on the market. We can guarantee reliability, longevity and superior engraving quality.

We can engrave various materials such as wood, steel, plastic, acrylic and brass.

Laser Engraving

The benefits include:

Cost Effective

High Quality

Range of Depths

Quality & Precision

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Why Choose Us?

Engraving is where we started and what we still love doing! We have a range of in-house computer and manual machines and have recently invested in new high-powered laser engravers. We can always guarantee superior engraved products.

Large Stock Levels

We stock high levels of engraving materials, including Traffolyte, Gravoply, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Acrylic. All in a multitude of colours and thicknesses. We are therefore able to offer fast delivery times. 

Superior Quality

Our vast experience in engraving has meant that we have developed the reputation for supplying superior engraved products. 

Quick & Efficient Service

We are able to provide quick turnaround times for a majority of our work and are always willing to go the extra mile to push jobs through quicker when asked.

Fixing Alternatives

Part of our service is offering advice on fixings. We carry large stocks of screws, caps, domes, studs and locator fixings. 

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