Industrial Labels & Valve Tags

Lewis Howes specialise in the production of industrial engraved labels, identification plates and valve discs. We can supply them in a variety of different materials, in a vast range of sizes and shapes. The materials we use vary from Traffolyte and Gravoply , which are available in a range of colour’s, to more robust materials such as Stainless Steel and Brass. They can also be supplied with ball chain connectors upon request.

Key Tags, Badges & Fixings

All products can be engraved on any of our engraving machines which range from computer, manual to laser. We can deal with the smallest and simplest of tags to more complicated designs in larger quantities.

We have a wide selection of hotel and guest house key tags that can be engraved with room numbers and address details. These can be supplied complete with a hole and key ring.

We also supply badges that are engraved or printed, which can also include your company logo. We have a full range of fixings which include crocodile clips, magnetic backs or pin fixed .

We can guarantee competitive prices, quality products and fast turnaround.

Key fobs

Asset plates

Electrical labels

Machine labels

Valve tags

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